Hello, %username%.

First english post here. Just for lulz 😀
Actually post related to gift i’ve got from DeployBot
Here some stickers and postcard with handwritten message.
Gift from DeployBot

So I decided to write little post about deploy on my pet project — vboro.de.
I also have work project on deploybot, but it works almost same. Only difference is servers amount, but I found some great servers for e-commerce at https://blog.servermania.com/ecommerce-site-performance-tips/ which would help me great with this project.
I use DeployBot about 9 months totally and last 3 months with the paid account.

So my deploy script is not canonical and not safe, but it works 🙂
After commit on master — github send info to DeployBot.
Then it just pulling data from github and then run/install/update composer and depencies.

How it looks on DeployBot

And here full script:

Thats all!
At current moment a have about 2500 deploys passed.