Quill editor doing really great job with accepting images and putting it as base64.

But actually it doesnt good, especially for big images.

Your DB will be big AF and page load time will grow with each image in text.

I didnt find good or working solution from Quill side. Only some closed GitHub issues.


So i decided to make lilttle hack on backend.

My system info: VueJS Quill wrapper, Laravel 5.4

Now what we need.

Firstly install Symfony Dow Crawler

Then include it and some other classes in your model/controller.

And here code of extractor/file saver

And finally we got $desc html with converted base64 -> fs path

Saving to DB.

That’s all.


Full Code at gist: https://gist.github.com/S-anasol/5dde48f75a265d21123d0ab1f49d2e8a